Monday, December 22, 2008


A few years ago I kept an anonymous blog which dealt with such things as death, malpractice, cycling, weight loss, and the lighter side of medicine. It was a decent blog. I was even linked briefly to someones A-listed blog, and received hundreds of hits in one day.

I was also out of the country and away from the computer at the time. I couldn't respond to the traffic, and the blog withered away and died a quiet death, never to be missed.

That was fine with me.

My blogging now is largely to record thoughts and musings. I have few original thoughts and musings, so I will be quoting and perhaps commenting on things I read or learn throughout the day. I'm hoping this will force me to ponder at least one new or interesting thing I learn over the next few years, or until I lose interest in blogging.

Given my attention span, this blog may not survive the year.

This is a kitty blog because I intend to post a picture of my cat in the near future.

It could have been a God blog, but you have to be pretty smart and devout to run one of those and I'm not those things. It could have been a Doc blog, but medicine gets enough of my time as it is. It couldn't have been a cycling blog; Fat Cyclist and Bike Snob have cornered the market on that genre for now. Political blogs are out of the question, and anyway they are a dime a dozen.

I hope you enjoy it.

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