Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas 2008

On a Christian Doctors Digest disc, Dr. Dick Swenson addresses survival in our overloaded age:

Make sure your priorities are ordered properly:
1. People are more important than things. 
2. People are more important than things. 
3. People are more important than things. 

I kept this in mind as I enjoyed my Christmas. I received an IMac today, and I've spent about four quality hours with this seamless machine. 

I've taken two pictures and downloaded them on the computer. They are both of the computer. 

I could have taken pictures of my lovely family, especially of our newest very sweet granddaughter, but I didn't.

Speaking of granddaughters, I received a picture of my elder granddaughter Kendra. Once I learn how to insert photos I'll be able to comment on how beautiful Kendra is, and point out how beautiful the dress is, which was hand-sown by Karin, right down to the smocking. 

Exercise in past 24 hours: carrying very heavy presents downstairs to the Christmas tree. 

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