Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter wonderland

Last night Kentuckiana was hit by an ice storm for the ages. I'm a sound sleeper and was oblivious to it all, but my son stayed up all night listening to cracks and crashes as our trees were covered with two inches of ice and then collapsed under the weight. To make matters worse, we woke up to no electricity. Fortunately Katy and Mike invited us over to their nice toasty warm house. 

I'm afraid we might be seeing our summer vacation landing on the ground as we contemplate how we're going to get this mess cleaned up. Unless one of the teetering limbs falls on our house, we're thankful that we didn't sustain any structural damage. 

I'm also thankful that I'm getting to spend time with my grand-daughter and commiserate with my son-in-law Mike, the businessman, who is pondering just how I might make a living in our current reimbursement climate. 

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